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The Harvard team is focused on substantive excellence while at conference, while MUN Society Belgium is working hard to ensure a flawless conference from conference venue during the day to social events at night.

Meet the team

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History & Mission

WorldMUN was founded in 1991 by several Harvard students who were looking to create a different Model United Nations experience.  It was only natural that the conference's first session would be in Miedzyzdroje, Poland, a city that had just had its borders opened with the fall of the Iron Curtain.  There were about 300 delegates in 18 committees at the 1992 conference.  WorldMUN grew for several years, and, in 1997, the conference partnered with its first host team, the Budapest University of Economic Sciences.  With the introduction of the host team, the conference began to develop its social activities to expand the conference experience beyond committee: Global Village, with delegates bringing food, drink, songs and traditions from their homelands, and Cabaret, a global talent show, began to bookend the conference as much as Opening and Closing Ceremonies did.

From the conference's 10th year on, it began to venture beyond the traditional cities of Europe into Asia Minor, South America, North Africa and the Middle East, East Asia and even North America. As the conference moves into its 23rd year, it has grown to represent the most diverse university conference in the world.  WorldMUN was founded in a spirit of idealism and today's conference represents that philosophy in a way that promises a unique experience to its more than 2,200 delegates from over 65 countries.

"The ‘WorldMUN Spirit’ – a spirit of friendship and cooperation across borders and a deeper understanding of cultures and perspectives beyond one’s own - is our guiding principle and our reason for holding this conference.".

WorldMUN aims to offer youth from around the world with a space to articulate their views on international issues, and to develop networks spanning borders that will enable these future leaders to transform their ideas into action.  Ask anyone who has attended a WorldMUN conference and they will tell you there is something special about WorldMUN, something that distinguishes it from all other Model UN conferences around the world.

Some find this ‘WorldMUN Spirit’ after hours of deliberation and debate with the final passage of a important resolution innovating new solutions to a decades-old conflict; for others, it’s in the 2am deep conversation about cultures with a delegate from oceans away; and, for some, it’s in meeting whole new network of friends at WorldMUN’s social events after a long day’s work.  We look forward to sharing & spreading this spirit with you and other delegates at conference!

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